Swim Information

What: Two swim distances are available: a 2.5KM and 5KM.

Where: Both distances start at Willow Beach in Gellatly Bay in West Kelowna.

When: Both swims are on Saturday, September 3rd, 2022. The 2.5KM starts at 7:30AM and the 5KM starts at 7:00AM.

Package Pick Up: Event package pickup is from 4-7PM Friday, September 2nd at Willow Beach in West Kelowna. Here is a map

Timing Chip Pick Up: You will pick up your timing chip the morning of the swim. Your timing chip must be placed on your ankle outside of your wetsuit. Timing chips are not available at the Friday package pickup.

Parking: There is very limited parking at Gellatly Bay, therefore, included in your registration is a free shuttle to and from the large parking lot to the beach.

Gear Dropoff: The gear tent is at Willow Beach. Just put your stuff in a bag and drop it off. When tag and watch over it until you finish your swim!

Get to the Start: The shuttle leaves from the parking lot starting at 6am and takes you right to the Start/Finish line at Willow Beach. After the swim, the shuttle will return you to the parking lot.

Support Craft: If you have a support craft with you, please have them sign the waiver and you (or they) can bring it to package pickup or the morning of the swim. Download the waiver here.

There is a mandatory Support Craft meeting at Willow Beach at 6:30AM.

Swim Course

Both swims start and finish at Willow Beach in Gellatly Bay, near the West Kelowna Yacht Club.

Green is the 2.5KM swim, yellow is the 5KM swim.

The 2.5KM (Green)
Starts at Willow Beach straight across to the CN Wharf, follows the shoreline to the WFN dock, then across the bay back to Willow Beach. Look for the large inflated green buoys which mark each point. The green buoys should always be on your right side.

The 5KM (Yellow)
Starts at Willow Beach, to the CN Wharf, across to the WFN dock, then follows the shoreline to the turn point out by Barona Beach. Look for the inflated yellow buoys which mark each point. The yellow buoys should always be on your right side. Please note Swim Buddy inflatable personal floats are mandatory for the 5KM and will be provided n/c, or you can use your own.

The swim layouts are subject to change.

Swim Clinic

Fresh Air KelownaA Fresh Air Open Water Swim Clinic will be the Saturday before the swims on August 27th at Willow Beach in Gellatly Bay.

The Fresh Air Open Water Swim Clinic is led by qualified coaches, introducing or reinforcing special skills and tactics for swimming in the lake.

The swim clinic is for all abilities and we encourage all anxious, first time swimmers, or those who would like more time in the open water, to come out to the clinics. These are not advanced clinics as they are meant to help you get comfortable and increase your time in the open water. We will touch on sighting, drafting and other essential open water skills, but if you are an experienced swimmer, you may find the clinics to be a little basic.

Note: You must be registered for the Interior Savings Across the Lake Swim Kelowna, Gellatly Bay or Rattlesnake Island in order to attend the swim clinics for free.